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Steering wheel issue 1942 Commander

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  • Steering wheel issue 1942 Commander

    Hello everyone. I have a steering wheel issue. I have a 1942 Commander and am having a helluva time trying to get the steering wheel off. I am down through three layers, all with the same bolt size, but the puller I got from Stude can't work on this one. First there are no holes to latch onto, second I don't know where the large bolt you would have to screw could attach. I tried with my big socket, 1 and 5/16 inch, but nothing doing. How can I get this off? It is counterclockwise yes? Why does this bolt have zigzag cuts on the inner part? There is a second bolt under that as you can see and not sure about that one either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, JP

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    Not sure but I think that the 42 is like some of the earlier Studebakers, and requires a special puller that uses a collar that goes behind the wheel hub. Someone was making them for resale, you might see an ad for it in the TW or the Antique Review. Ray Keenher was loaning one out, but he just moved and has had some recent health issues, so maybe wouldn't count on it's availability.


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      You already have the retaining nut off. Get a correct puller and it will come off.