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    Went to a small local car show today. At the Hilda Frame School House on county rt542 in Nesco NJ.
    About 30 cars there from 1937 Fords to 1970's Mopars, Mustangs, Novas, and Chevelles, the usual suspects.

    We were the only Studebaker there, got lots of looks and questions like I thought it was a Rambler or I didn't know Studebaker made a car like that.
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    Good on you for representing Studebaker.
    Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

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      We went to a show last week and I had a guy ask me if our Studebaker was actually made by Rambler. I straightened him right out and told him Studebaker at the time was one of the major car manufactures in the states. I thought I had heard it all but then later somebody else and his buddy came over to look he looked under the hood and asked if it was a "289" I told him yes it is... just then he turned to his buddy who was with him and told him it's a Ford 289 with Studebaker heads on it. Now I have had many people tell me Studebaker was owned by Rambler and of course, lots of people think just because you have a 289 it's got to be a Ford engine but I never before have heard of anybody's story about Studebaker heads on a Ford motor. I could not believe what I was hearing so I took a few minutes to politely explain that Studebaker made the 289 long before Ford. I also told him the heads will not interchange.


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        If you don't want to be the one setting people right on the conversation of Studebaker's at non Studebaker shows then don't take one. The practice has been going on since the club started and as the years go by the questions are more and more off the wall. Thur. night was our local street fair and car show as we have them in the months of June, July, and Aug. I July I took the 90 4 Door Avanti and as posted after the show the car was the stand out car of the show in respects to answering questions like, who built it? where was it built? ( what country?) ect. this last Thur . was no different when I took the 90 Avanti 4 door again, since people have never seen one they were all over it and every thing I heard was all good and thanks for bringing it out for us to see and take pictures of a car we might never see again. Last month parked next to me was a brand new Ford Mustang Convertible in black with top down window up showing $50,000 on the window sticker, this month it was a brand new black Corvette "T" top but no sticker price that I could see both cars had their lookers but they should have not been parked next to a one of 90 cars built 27 years ago and still looking like brand new because the 90 was top dog both times, but still after all questions many people went away wondering who Studebaker was. Small city cars shows are fun this one fits in about 300 cars and most are nice but things one always sees at local car shows.
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          i took my '40 Champion to several multi-make car shows a few years ago. a local "know it all" told his friends that i had put a diesel in it. after a few seconds to gain my composure - to keep from laughing - i said: "No sir, that's a Studebaker flathead engine. see those spark plug wires? there are spark plugs underneath them." he looked at me then looked at the engine again, then silently walked away.
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