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59 Lark wire harness work in 53 Commander

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  • 59 Lark wire harness work in 53 Commander

    Can a 59 Lark 6 cylinder, complete front and rear wiring harness work in a 53 Commander? The Commander has a 12volt wiper motor and 12v climatizer. Original clock, does it need to be 6v, any gauges have to have 6 volt? Car was converted to 12v but anything is not connected and harness was homemade and a mess.
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    You'll save yourself a whole lot of frustration and headache if you buy the correct harnesses for the car.


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      Jim, you can use all of the special molded rubber Terminals, Dash Light Sockets etc. can be made to work and also many of the Engine end Terminals for the Generator, Voltage Regulator, Horn Relay, Coil, Distributor etc. could also be used.

      Of course the problem is the LENGTHS, some wires reach, some like the Generator are way short due a 6 having the Generator on the Left side, so some 1 to 1 crimp-on splices in the center hidden under the wrap, will fix all of them.

      One issue you will have is the Lark had no Ammeter and Oil Pressure Gauges, so you will be short those Dash Light Sockets and the wiring for them and the Gauges.

      Another is, there will only be ONE Turn Signal Indicator Light and you need 2.

      Yes, you need a 12 to 6 Volt, Volt-A-Drop capable of handling only about 20 Amp. or less to run the stock Temp. Gauge, Fuel Gauge and Clock to keep your original Dash Gauges and Sending Units.
      All the rest, Lighting, Horn and a under seat or Glove Box mounted Stereo should be easy to run on 12 Volts since you already have 12 Volt Defroster Fan, Heat Fan and Wiper Motors.

      If necessary, you can make the Rear Harness easily, it only has 4 wires in it. If you have Overdrive, it is another simple one to make.

      If you really enjoy saving something no matter the labor involved, and like saving a buck and that makes you feel good about it, go for it!

      On the other hand if you want faster and easier Matt is right, two New Correct Harnesses are the way to go, for just under $400.00.

      If your Lark Vi Harness is USED, I would not even consider it, the insulation gets too brittle from all the heat cycles.

      My Son & I just did almost exactly this same Mod using a NOS 1955 Harness for a 6 Volt, Champion 6 Sedan into a '53 Commander V8 (12 Volt modified) Hardtop 2 Months ago, just because we could!
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