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    My '57 Golden Hawk's transmission was working fine when I took it off of the road 10 years ago to do a resto. It now appears that perhaps I will be getting it back on the road in the next year or two. Given the age of the transmission, I have decided that I should have a transmission shop go through it before I re-install it. I live close to Washington DC in Annandale, VA. Thanks in advance for any suggestions for a good transmission shop to do this work, the nearer to Washington DC the better. PA, MD, WV, DE would be O.K.

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    Check with Skip Lackie here on the forum. If anyone knows of a good shop in the DC area, it would be Skip. BP
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      Also SDC member Jerry Kurtz JR in Dover,PA.
      Frank van Doorn
      Omaha, Ne.
      1962 GT Hawk 289 4 speed
      1941 Champion streetrod, R-2 Powered, GM 200-4R trans.
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        No longer know anyone in the immediate area that I would trust with your trans (automatic or standard?), but I agree with Frank and would highly recommend Jerry Kurtz of York, Pa. He's jerezstude here on the forum. He's less than two hours away. Unfortunately, the last spring York meet was this past March, so you can't kill two birds with one stone.

        Another possibility is Ross Miller of Parkton, Md, right off I-83 north of Baltimore. Dunno if he does automatics, but he would know someone who does. His handle on the forum is ross.

        Bob - Thanks for your (mostly unfounded) confidence.
        Skip Lackie


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          Witmer's Automotive in Ephrata, PA. just outside of Lancaster is another great shop-stick or auto. They own Studes and know their stuff. 717-859-1078.
          Rob in PA.


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            Thanks for the suggestions gentlemen. I should have disclosed that my '57 GH's transmission is an automatic. A major detail.