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Opinion: attend the 2017 Hershey PA meet, or not ...

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  • Opinion: attend the 2017 Hershey PA meet, or not ...

    Hello readers.
    As the thread title says, I'm looking for advice/opinions about attending the 2017 Hershey PA show and swap meet. For as long as I've collected various vehicles (40+ years), and as near as this venue is to me (less than 100 miles), I've never gone there.
    I ask because I attended the 2017 ATHS meet and overall Truck Nationals at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds on 8/5/17, hoping to find various parts I'd like to get for my newly-acquired 1948 M16 truck, as well as for a non-Studebaker vintage truck (1952 IHC L132). There was absolutely nothing to be found there for either truck I did, however, chat with the owner of a restored 1951 Ford flatbed truck who said (in essence) "go to Hershey; there'll be plenty of possibilities there for both of your trucks ...". So, with that in mind, I ask other truck-oriented folks who have gone to Hershey before: is it likely worth going there for truck stuff in general (I'm not posting a laundry list of items I hope to find; no need to make folks' eyes glaze over), or is it pretty exclusively for mainstream-make cars and trucks, and I'd likely be wasting my time (other than seeing lots of cool cars)? Thanks to all who share their opinions !
    Mike Auldridge
    Gaithersburg, MD
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    I attended Hershey for over 30 years (from Illinois) and always enjoyed the event. Lots to see and do and well worth the effort for all that time. However I have not been in 4 years as there are very few Studebaker parts to be had there. So, if you are going expecting to find parts for your M16 don't bother. You would be much better off using Studebaker sources and networking with other M Series owners. I do not believe most M16 parts are all that difficult to find. That being said if you are only 100 miles away I would try to make it just for the experience. You cannot cover all of it thoroughly in 5 days!
    Richard Quinn
    Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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      We have gone for many many years and now, it seems as I look around, I'm the only member of our gang still around.
      Loads of fun and interesting things to see.
      Remember a fellow there who made a small fortune pulling RV's out of one of fields which had turned to a sea of mud.
      He was using a WW1 Renault army tank!
      Also there was. WW2 German Africa Corps VW Kubelwagen that had found buried in the sand since the war.
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        Hershey is always a grand event; and very often a wet one.
        It's a shame you have only recently acquired your M16. Finding Studebaker parts is painless at one of the Studebaker specific swap meets. You may walk forever at Hershey or Carlisle in vain. There is an all-Studebaker swap coming up in Dunkirk, NY next month; and an all-Studebaker swap in Reedsville, PA in October. The largest and longest running swap in York, PA just closed its doors after 44 years. Then another large one in South Bend, IN first weekend in May.

        If you happen to be in need of a newly-cored M16 radiator, a friend of mine paid to have one re-cored and then realized it wouldn't fit his M5. He will take a huge loss to see that it goes to a good home and free up space in his garage, and can deliver to Reedsville. Send me a PM for his contact information.
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          I say go! You need to experience it at least once in your life. It would be worth seeing if you can get a golf cart because that place is huge!
          Packard Hawk


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            To paraphrase the old Oldsmobile ad, it's not your Father's Hershey. Remember that Hershey was always for antique cars 25 years old and older. You will still see brass, Model Ts and the like but remember, today your 1992 Dodge Caravan is now welcomed

            If you google Hershey Park, you will see a massive paved parking lot that is used for the park and which also surrounds the Giant Center-the arena for the AHL hockey team and political events, those are the show fields for parts with the perimeter lanes for the park used for the car sales. Gone are the muddy fields; however, it can be rough on the feet after a while. Never fear, parking is off site in the local fields which can get very wet and which was $15/day last year.

            Gone are the days of finding Studebaker parts mixed with the other guys parts when all you had to do was recognize the box and go for it. The easy stuff has been sold years ago. Now is the time to communicate with your favorite vendors as they will gladly bring the pre-sold items to Hershey for you

            It helps if you know exactly what you are looking for including the Studebaker parts numbers and any interchange numbers for the electrical, exhaust and engine parts common to other makes

            Literature has been eBayed so again you are going to have to work a bit to find items. Note that the AACA Library will be having a garage sale of duplicate literature and books on the Tuesday before from 4-7 at the AACA Headquarters

            Purchase a directory of vendors which is broken down by make and provides their location. There should be a number of Studebaker specific vendors listed

            The Giant Center will be open for arena food and clean rest rooms

            Will the SDC be there with a tent this year? Maybe the location can be provided at a later date


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              I have missed about 4 years since 1973 when we had the Blue field (muddy one) and the red field and planes still landed at the airport. They have now been taken over by the amusement park and restaurants and shopping centers. Those were the days when you could see Bill Harrah and crew walking the fields with two way radios filling his 2 forty foot semis with parts for his many projects in his collection. All of the food was served by local civic clubs on the back alley of the blue field. I really felt old when cars were eligible for the show that I drove up there from Kentucky when they were new. And the entire show car field was inside the stadium where the race cars run on Friday now. I say go! If you find parts, great. If you don't, it will be an experience.


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                Hershey can be a great social event. Its not just the parts, its the people. Find out from friends that have a space where they are going to be and get a program and find friends and parts. Make it a point to look for people as well as parts. And check out things like the race car trials on Friday and the Haggerty build it booth. Theres more than parts.


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                  Is the Reedsville Meet on for this year? Have not seen any publicity for it or information other than it is listed in the What's Happening section of Turning Wheels for October 27 & 28, 2017.

                  Hate to ride all that way and find no one there!

                  Bill J.
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                  Bill Jackameit
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                    There is a row of Studebaker swap meet spaces. They are not all listed in the program, as the control of the spaces are in one person's name. That is true of some of the other Studebaker vendors, with more spread out spaces. So if you do come, make sure to ask all the Studebaker people you run into if they know of any others. Don't think the program has all the answers.
                    Although I don't have M Series truck stuff for sale, I will have other Prewar parts at spaces CCN18-CCN19. And should have a 1938 Commander sedan, with a rebuilt 245, for sale at Car Corral space D259.
                    What I call Antique Studebaker Row, is the spaces from CCN18 to CCN31. There are at least 6 different vendors! The ANTIQUE STUDEBAKER CLUB itself has spaces CCN29 and CCN30, with the club tent. There are usually a bunch of ASC guys hanging around. Although the ASC is for PreWW2 vehicles, it also includes 1946 cars and M series trucks up to 1948. If you have not joined, the ASC website is at
                    Even if you don't find the parts you need, you can find other people with the same specific interests as you, who may be able to give you the contacts you need for your parts.
                    George Rohrbach


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                      Send me your want list of M16 parts.
                      I have a 38.000 sq/ft building full of parts from 29 Studebaker dealer inventories.
                      I am having health problems and am 80 years old , so please have patience.
                      I have a partial restored 1948 M16 for $9000.00 and a 2300 mile M16 that was left in a field and destroyed by vandals but has a like new drive train for $1000.00
                      Robert Kapteyn


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                        Robert / rkapteyn, thanks for the offer for me to send a parts-wanted list to you for this M16. I will make a spreadsheet or Word-doc that can be sent either through this Forum (via Private Message, maybe?), or would it be better to try via the email address under your signature line?
                        Mike Auldridge
                        Gaithersburg, MD
                        SDC Life Member since 1976
                        1948 M16
                        1961 Lark VIII convertible (with minor mods)