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nos 224 V8 shortblock on Portland Craig's list.

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  • nos 224 V8 shortblock on Portland Craig's list.
    American iron, real old school
    With two tone paint, it sure is cool

    Its got 8 cylinders and uses them all
    With an overdrive that just won't stall

    With a 4 barrel carb and dual exhausts
    With 4.23 gears it can really get lost

    Its got safety belts and I ain't scared
    The brakes are good and the tires are fair.

    Tried to sell her, but got no taker
    I"ll just keep driving my Studebaker

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    I think Silverhawkdan might be looking for something like this. I'll e-mail him.
    Ed Sallia
    Dundee, OR

    Sol Lucet Omnibus


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      A NOS short block is one way to get a true STD bore block.

      For anyone thinking it's a shortcut to a rebuild, the last NOS short block we opened, the bearings had corrosion spots where the oil holes allowed moisture to get in. New rod and main bearings were required. The camshaft, cam bearings, crankshaft, rods, pistons and rings were usable.

      jack vines