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Outdoor Car cover for a 1961 Lark Wagon

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  • Outdoor Car cover for a 1961 Lark Wagon

    I'm shopping around for a padded and fitted car cover for my 1961 Lark 4-door wagon, and wanted to know if anybody here can recommend a brand that can provide a quality cover that fits my car. I keep the car out in California, but would like something that can provide good protection even in rainy weather, seeing that we received a bit of it last winter!


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    Don't use a car cover in lieu of a permanent indoor storage facility! It's simply a fools paradise, and a recipe for multiple condition failures.


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      Like Hallabutt said.
      But if you are using it temporarily, try Beverly Hills Auto Covers.
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        Nooo...not nearly THAT bad..!

        I've used one for years on one of my wagons. And now that it's been without, the paints really gone down hill. More-so in one year without, than the 5 years with..!

        Expect to buy new every two to three years though. Be sure to get one that's rated for outdoors. I got mine from California Car Covers. Whom ever you get it from, they'll most likely need general measurements...because they wont have one "exactly..." for your car. can spend a lot of money and have them "make" one exactly for your car.



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          i had a nice outdoor cover that came with the Avanti. just remember that it won't keep the rodents and other critters from coming in from the bottom if the vehicle is outdoors!
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            Another alternative is a carport from Harbour Freight. I have three and two of them have held up quite well. We got quite a bit of snow this winter and it ripped the cover on one. It has none of the bad side effects of a car-cover and they're cheap. On sale right now for $175. If you're a cheapo like me they can be re-covered by a tarp later and none of the problems with tarping your car.

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              All the cars are outside except 2 (a project and the cruiser with the backseat). The Lark wagon has been outside since I bought, still looks great and around here you don't need to worry about critters.....maybe spiders. I bought the superweave premium from California car cover, they had the pattern in stock for a '61 wagon and I added an extra 2" around the bottom. Wasn't cheap but is working great.


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                Thanks everybody for the tips! Fortunately the car is in California, so the weather isn't too bad. I am looking into indoor storage, but am somewhat held up until my aunt decides to clean out her garage (which may not happen until I move back to LA and help her with it). In the meantime, the cover will be the short term fix.