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Heretical question: Will a Champ pickup fit on a Crown Victoria chassis?

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  • Heretical question: Will a Champ pickup fit on a Crown Victoria chassis?

    I have a friend who wants to buy Ed (long-bed '62 Champ) from me. He wants to frame over to a Ford Crown Victoria chassis (police interceptor special). I told him it would be too wide. He said no, the last series of the Crown Vics were narrow enough. I said I'd think about it. He also wants to trade me a '66 3/4 ton Chevy for Wilbur my '60 Champ. In effect, I would be out of the Champs if he does this. Still have Bess and want to get her going anyway. Then he would have both Mr. Ed and Wilbur.

    Hmmm... I'd have to change my sig. line.

    Still I was wondering, does anybody know if this frame-over would be possible?
    I'm not too very enthusiastic about it. Still, I need the money to get Bess going.
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    I think you're right, it would be too wide. I toyed with the idea of using the front clip from a Crown Vic on my '56 F-100, but found the track too wide.
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      maybe he was watching hotrod garage where they mated a crown vic with a 66 ford truck body?

      cheers, junior
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        If he buys the truck, it's his problem.


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          Might be a better fit onto a Ranger or S10 frame.
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            From Ford Truck Enthusiasts
            This is from measurements taken from an '05 Crown Vic. as close as I could measure.

            Track width with stock wheels - 63 1/2
            Hub to hub surface - 67 1/2
            Outside of tire - 71 1/4

            The '02 and earlier which are sometimes used as a complete clip are different.

            These measurements are from a '98 Crown Vic.

            Track - 63
            Hub to Hub - 63 1/4
            Overall - 72

            These measurements are from my '59 F-100

            Track - 63
            Hub to Hub - 62 1/2
            Overall -69
            You didn't state what year you were inquiring about.
            Assuming Champ is close to a Lark 57/56" is what he would have to work with. A lot of shoehorning involved but not impossible if he has a torch. The S-10 is a much better choice I would guess at 57/55". Bob


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              Seems to me that I've seen a 47 m series on that platform.


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                Probably the correct width for the Dodge bed, may need fender flares for the front however. Anything can be made to fit, right?
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                  Geeze...where's your sense of adventure??? All you need is a collection of good tools, materials, determined ATTITUDE, and a chair. Every chassis on every vehicle began as a bunch of "materials," that were formed, bolted, riveted, cut, and welded to specifications. Wrap yourself in the "can-do attitude," gather the tools, materials, and take a seat in "THE CHAIR." The chair is project headquarters. That is where you study, plan, criticize, rest, admire, re-think, recover, and refuel your enthusiasm for the next round of activity. Like a boxer, with a chair between rounds, you can throw in the towel, or keep punching.

                  Every vehicle produced, to be sold to the public, started out as someone's "concept." Drawings, models, variations, and ideas were offered by different designers/artists. Then came the meetings...mechanical engineers, production engineers, accountants (bean counters), various other executives, and meddlers who had their say. Some opinions of emotional appeal, and pragmatists, with objective logic. The results are always a compromise.

                  One advantage, of the project you are contemplating, is that you can take bits & pieces of the work of others, tweak, massage, and rearrange to your satisfaction.

                  When you are a team of have to live with the consequences. (No one else to blame, or share the glory.) I hope when you are done with it, you are happy with the results of the challenge.
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                    I agree with John that "THE CHAIR" is the most important tool in the garage.


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                      There are basically two types of modern Crown Vic configurations. The earlier one has a more "dished" type of wheel. The latter has a more flush wheel and the look similar to a front wheel drive car. Whether that alters the full wheel track I don't know. Can the later wheels be used on the earlier cars and narrow the rack??? The easiest way to tell the difference is that the early cars wheels (pic #1) had squared holes with rounded corners and the later cars wheels (pic #2) had round holes.

                      Someones friend needs to get a tape measure and do some math for himself. Or is this another engineer and build by committee project?
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                        Originally posted by mbstude View Post
                        If he buys the truck, it's his problem.
                        Agree, make the deal. He's got the problem and you've got the cash.
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                          Originally posted by George H Young View Post
                          I agree with John that "THE CHAIR" is the most important tool in the garage.
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                            Some years ago a friend dropped a '50 Champion Starlight on to an Impala interceptor chassis; track was identical and wheelbase was 1/2" longer. But that was the least of his problems; getting the body to sit at the right height, adapting all the electronics and computerization, etc. He never did finish it and sold it on Ebay.
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                              Someone once said you can do anything if you have more money than brains. This sounds like two more trucks that will not see the light of day again. Ron, do you really REALLY want a 66 Chevy 3/4 ton truck?

                              As has been said once they are gone it is his problem.

                              Bob Miles
                              Tucson AZ