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52 Champion ignition problem

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  • 52 Champion ignition problem

    I recently purchased a 52 Champion. When it runs it is great but sometimes (now) when I stop it doesn't want to start. I checked the switch just to make sure it was okay. When cranking it acts like there is no spark but if I wait a while it usually starts and then it may start and stop several times. Of course this happens at the most inconvenient. Any ideas will help. Thanks

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    You have to test for Fuel spraying into the Carb. Throat and Spark at a Plug before you know which Gremlins to chase.
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      Does it have spark? If not it is likely a coil overheating. If it has spark the problem is vapor lock. Today's crap gas is too volitile for older cars and can easily cause vapor lock. If we stop for lunch with our 58 Packard we open the hood; that lets the heat escape from under the fibreglass, well insulated hood. An electric fuel pump will help. Running it a few secons will pump gas up into the carb and starting will be so much easier