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  • Truck numbers?

    This is probably lost to history, I know that Studebaker had truck model numbers like 2R-10 or 8E-12, but why didn't they have chrome model numbers on the fenders like the competition did with F-250, C-10, D100, and all?
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    They must have never saw the need, most car People can tell a 1/2 ton Truck is a: Studebaker, Dodge, or C10, 1500, F150 from a 3/4 Ton Studebaker, Dodge or C20, 2500, F250 or a Dually as a 1 Ton at first glance at the Rear Hub Cap or Axle Stub/Hub or Rear Wheels.

    The only thing that matters is Studebaker never went there, except to Name them Transtar, Champ, Scotsman, and Studebaker Deluxe, so we will never know if it was even considered.
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      Many authors have remarked on the fact that Studebaker management seemed to have lost interest in the truck division after Robert Bourke's big restyling of 1948-49 brought great sales successes in 1949-52. Several of those statements are quoted in the truck history on the main SDC site. The truck division was absolutely starved of funds thereafter, and except for Bob Doehler's fiberglass grille in 1957, had to soldier on for another 15 years with dated styling and the same mechanicals. It is likely that if money for any such baubles were requested by the truck division, it would have been refused.
      Skip Lackie