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  • Photobucket Part Deux

    I'm not sure if this belongs here or in another section but it may affect the forum, so I'll start here and the mods can move it.

    I belong to several other forums including the Ram Truck Forum. There was recently a post there that asked members to not delete their Photobucket pictures from Photobucket as there was an upcoming method to move them into the forum and not need to re-post them in the affected posts. Has anyone else found this in other forums?

    Interestingly, my signature pix are still active from Photobucket. Possibly I haven't crossed the hosting threshold although I've had several emails from them asking for $399/yr.


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    If you've been using Photobucket as a host for photos posted on the SDC Forum, you've probably found (as many have over the past weeks) that your images are no longer loading due to Photobucket's new Third Party Hosting rules.
    This is an unfortunate business decision, but one we at the SDC Forum have no control over.

    Many of you have asked about replacements for this service. While Forum administration or the SDC itself cannot officially recommend any photo hosting service over another, several alternatives have been suggested by Forum users themselves. These include, and . All of these offer some levels of no-charge third-party hosting, as well as upgraded, paid services.

    Unfortunately, no matter which replacement service you choose, old links to Photobucket pictures you've posted on the Forum are broken and will likely not return. This means that images hosted on Photobucket and placed in your Forum posts will be broken as well. You can fix these, after uploading your pictures to the new photo host of your choice, by editing your old posts and inserting the new photo link URLs.

    Thank you for being an SDC Forum Member, and happy Studebakering!

    Clark Novak
    SDC Forum Administrator

    Susan Lusted, What's Happening Turning Wheels


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      It IS odd that photobucket links remain visible in forum signatures and avatars, while they have been blocked in threads.
      "All attempts to 'rise above the issue' are simply an excuse to avoid it profitably." --Dick Gregory

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        I use postimage now. My photobucket photos are still linked because I paid 34/yr to upgrade how much space I could have. Those of us that paid a bit for the upgrade will have our links preserved until the end of the year. Then they will leave also.
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          Photobucket has different "Farms" or servers for storing the massive amount of pictures.

          I'm sure they will implement this policy on their other "Farms" to propagate their extortion.

          you can view this photo..

          but can't view this one.


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            I don't know exactly how all this stuff works, but according to photobucket, I had used less than 5% of my allotted "free" storage, when they blocked my pics. While the internet is all in a "tizzy" about evil hackers extorting people with "RANSOM WARE"...can someone explain how this is any different???

            Regardless of the "terms of service" legal mumbo jumbo, we all have to agree, (click on), to do anything on a computer...this situation looks like a great opportunity for the ambulance chasing, road kill sniffing, lawyer crowd to make some class action dollars!
            John Clary
            Greer, SC

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              I was surprised to find that people are still using Photobucket to post here. Since the upgrade to this site I have just loaded pictures directly from my computer. Is that not possible for everyone? I keep a lot of photos stored on a removable device so they are not lost if the computer fails.
              I have considered going back and finding old my old posts that were hosted from Photobucket. I hate to have the pictures that might help someone not be visible.
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                Originally posted by 52-fan View Post
                I was surprised to find that people are still using Photobucket to post here. Since the upgrade to this site I have just loaded pictures directly from my computer...
                Unless somthing has changed, it's my understanding you can post pictures from your computer except for the "stovehuggers" forum. There, you can only post pictures from a third party web host.
                John Clary
                Greer, SC

                SDC member since 1975


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                  Yes, it is possible to upload pictures. However, the website is rather picky about size and density. Unless one has a good photo editor, this can be rather top-heavy adjusting pictures to Forum standards. Hence, people like me opted for remote-hosting and both of my photo-hosts have gone south. So don't be looking for photos from me anytime soon.

                  I agree with you John. Looks like Photobucket and Google have segued into Ransom-ware.

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                    I sent Photobucket a "so long, it's been good to know you" e-mail ( I may not have phrased it quite that way.), so I guess any posts of mine that had pics will no longer do so. Still I have nearly all those pics on my computer hard drive. I have no idea how many posts of mine have been affected, but if anybody runs across one, send me a PM with a link, and I will try to find the right pics and upload them to this site.
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