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63 One Ton Truck

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    Originally posted by Lynn View Post

    However, Jack nailed it: "Then, there's the pickup box and canopy, which means there's effectively no way to payload those springs, axle and transmission."
    There is virtually no utilitarian use for this truck.

    I have a feeling that suspension would register the 1500# tongue weight of my gooseneck and 1000# tongue weight of my travel trailer... Yeah, I can think of all kinds of utilitarian uses for that truck!
    Besides, if the ride is too rough, a few leaves can be taken out of the springs...
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      Originally posted by jclary View Post

      Looking at the underside of this truck, I don't see any rear shocks? However, I know it is a much heavier duty truck than mine, so perhaps someone more versed in the heavier suspensions can explain.
      Realized that no one answered this question. (These are the kind of things I think about around 02:00 AM.) Stude used lever & link shocks on its bigger (1 ton and above) trucks all the way to the end of production. The links are visible in the last picture in Rich's post #4. The shock bodies themselves are mounted to the frame, forward of the rear axle.
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