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lifting 54 champion body off

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  • lifting 54 champion body off

    Lifting the body of the 54 champion coupe off the frame. What are some lifting point on the body to remove it from the frame.

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    I've done a couple with no problems. I take out the rear window and put a 2x4 under the shelf in the trunk and drill a couple holes for a chain and lift through the window hole. In the front I have screwed a plywood assembly to the firewall, or connected something to the hinge bolts. I'm more comfortable with the plywood on the firewall. I'll get some gas from others here, but I don't add any bracing. Be sure you have the rear quarters screwed on. That means screws in the B post, top screws, a couple screws around the tail lights and most important but easy to forget, screw the bottom of the quarter panel to the body so the quarter panel can not flex. If the body is at all rusty, I weld the doors shut.

    In an earlier post I thought I had bent a car, but that's not the case. Thats where I learned about the bottoms of the rear quarter.
    Pictures are on my website.
    Be careful. It probably weights more than 700 pounds.


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      If your front mounts that go down to the frame are good that makes a good one for the front. I just hooked a chain though side to side and ran it over two 2x6's that where supported by two saw horses on each side with some cement blocks and pieces of 4x4's for the height I wanted. Then hooked a chain into the two rear mount bolts and lifted that with my cherry picker. then just pulled the frame right out though the front. Very easy. Intend to just do the same in reverse to put the frame back under it.