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Patina or Perfection, What a Question

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    Great stuff, Bob. I enjoy putting them back on the road (or saving them) and they are usually beyond being good candidates for restoration or show cars. But when I find one that moves me, I'm on a mission. Every nut and bolt has to be disturbed. I want to know what's under me. Original car? Always the best if you can find 'em. Restored show cars? I'd love to have one. Find a hopelessly abused coupe and bring it back?...every time!
    Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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      Thanks for the nice comments, all; 'glad you enjoyed it. 'Good synopsis in Post #30, Dave.

      The column for December's Hemmings Classic Car is done but not due until September 10th. I can promise everyone on the SDC Forum that you'll really enjoy it. Obviously, I've liked some columns more than others and really enjoyed "doing" December's coming up..."you all" will enjoy it, too.

      Has it been 25 columns? Yep; the December 2017 column is my 25th for Hemmings Classic Car. Thanks again, all. BP
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        Originally posted by Hawklover View Post
        Gil are you the same Dr. Gil Zimmerman who was featured in the early 1970's red book on post war Studebaker's? I remember the picture of your '56 Golden dad had the same car. Thanks for the elucidation!
        I'm the same Gil, still with the same '56 Golden Hawk. She's well, has since received an upgrade in the accessory wheel covers, though the old ones are virtually new. Come to think of it she also received a NOS replacement Packard (AMC) 352 crate engine along the way. Same late sixties paint and most everything else. Old AQ photos were taken a few miles south of the Madonna Inn during one of the Western Regional Meets in '71 or '72 on the Central Coast of California.

        Thanks for remembering.

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