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1955 Champion/Hawk?

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    Originally posted by raprice View Post
    It's an interesting mongrel...
    I can't think of a more appropriate single word description than the above. I have no huge objection or criticism of the builder. Not knowing the full story, it wouldn't be appropriate to weigh in by blasting away at how the car ended up like this. On the positive, it gives testament to how great the original '53 Lowey/Bourke design was. To think that components from that many years of production, in the automotive world of yearly model changes, could be cobbled together as an eye pleasing assemblage, is truly remarkable!

    I'm trying to imagine what would lead someone to spend time constructing the car (this way)? I can imagine someone with access to a junk yard, tools, and more time than money. Or...perhaps someone making a pilot program, for a reality TV show, (like the old "Junk Yard Wars") where a group was tasked with building something and given an impossible artificial deadline in which to complete the task.

    Looks obvious to me, that no upholsterer was disturbed during this project. Also, I doubt anyone went bankrupt by overspending in its creation. Being that the car is on craigslist instead of eBay...some of you diehard "Rodders," might be able to negotiate a bargain of a "mock-up" for your next project! All it needs is an exotic powerplant, a little body/mechanical work, upholstery, paint....and of course...MONEY!

    Then you could name it...THE RAGING MONGREL!
    John Clary
    Greer, SC

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