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  • Passing on the Heritage

    I have two daughters in their early 20's. I've spent many years here watching the brains that be discuss how to hand down our Studebaker Heritage. I have little question why things are the way they are today from the experience here.

    No matter what happens to my cars in the future, I was presented an unusual opportunity when my first Studebaker was memorialized by becoming Brooklin BRK220.

    I have secured two copies. And those two copies will be secured and placed where each of my two daughters will get one when I am no longer around.

    I've discussed the real cars with my daughters. Both want them if they can take them, and neither are married yet. The one with a boyfriend is very receptive to taking them on.

    Even if economics do not permit, they will both have a little 1/43 scale piece of something that a sixteen year old in 1979 turned into a lifelong relationship. I hope they can do the real thing. But, if things do not permit, they will both have a little conversation piece of Dad.

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    I've discussed with our three kids about who will become the custodians of my 6 '64's in the next generation. The kids want some but at present have no place (decent garage ) space to store and exercise. I'm still working on my '64 GT and convertible to " complete the plan " my Dad and I had to collect some of the neatest models we thought Studebaker ever built before pulling the plug. My wife thinks I'm crazy for investing the time and $$$$$$ but I love all things '64 and want to be able to use these vehicles before I cash it in. Perhaps some our nieces and nephews who have expressed some interest will have the resources to keep the collection in the family and somewhat together including the spare parts accumulated for each of them. I will continue to find a secure home for each-even if it means donating to SNM if possible and letting them decide how best to utilize them or their value. My hope is not to burden any family member with these decisions. Wish us all luck!
    Rob in PA.