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1961 Lark available at Pick-n-Pull in Moss Landing, CA

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  • 1961 Lark available at Pick-n-Pull in Moss Landing, CA

    There's a 1961 Lark available at the Pick-n-Pull in Moss Landing, California (near Salinas, south of San Jose/San Francisco Bay area).
    Mark L

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    Hey. This one's got the single headlights! Like that better than the quad (Corvair looking) set up offered that year. Will never get over my puzzlement of the stainless above the body crease line, though. I know the designers did that to make it look different than the 59'-60' models and they succeeded. It's sure is different! Can't tell if it's a two door or four door. It seems to have good glass, doors and fenders and maybe running gear. I'd go get it to build my 61' but it's too hot for such things right now and that includes the dog house my wife would put me in!


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      Wonder if its got the tail light lenses. Someone on another thread is looking for one. They might be worth the asking price for the whole car. Didn't realize they were so hard to find.


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        Tail light lenses are not that hard to find, are they?


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          Front bumper looks good, and still has the dealers license plate frame attached.
          Can't quite make out the dealers name though.
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            61 Lark tail lenses are apparently pretty scarce. They are partly chrome around the side.


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              I've been to that yard a number of times. Vacation for my family was going to the aquarium in Monterey - where I would drop them off and I'd go up to the Moss Landing Pick N' Pull. As to the tail light lenses..., the front ones aren't giving much hope. Maybe some day 3D printing will take car of things like that. My son does a lot of it but every time I come up with an idea he says heat becomes an issue - at least for the consumer units and their temperature range.
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