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    My names Brad and I live in Mackay in Australia.

    I have long held an interest in Studebakers and have recently purchased a 1964 Cruiser in Minneapolis.

    Once I get it home my plan is to Restomod it. I want to convert it to RH drive. Install disc brakes (or should it already have them?) and airconditioning.

    Engine wise I would like to keep it a 289 but put a supercharger on it, upgrade the cam (R2, R2plus or R3) R3 headers, electronic ignition and bolt on injection. Heads will be sent to be flow bench ported.

    I am interested in feedback as to what the best transmission to run would be? I can run manual or auto.

    What is a good choice of intake manifold?

    Should I run a Dana diff or use a 9 inch?



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    Welcome to the SDC Forum and the Wonderful World of Studebakers!

    A US Cruiser would be a 289 V8 (of various options). It may or may not have disc brakes and air conditioning. They were both factory options and, of course, changes may have been made since build.

    For a start, I would stick to the transmission that is now installed in the car. What is "best" is determined by your preferences, planned use and driving habits.

    Before any modifications, drive the car and get a good benchmark.
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      Welcome to the world of Studebakers. Can see why you would want AC being that far north...will come in quite handy.

      Even if your '64 had discs from the factory, they will be marginal by todays standards. If the car hasn't left the states yet, it might be a good time to jump on a set of Turner disc conversion and have them put in the boot before the car is shipped.

      Good luck and happy motoring.
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        Welcome to the SDC and to SDC Forum Brad.

        The Car COULD have been ordered with the R2 289 and it would have had the Oil cooled heavier duty "Power Shift" Automatic on the Floor with bucket seats, or a Borg Warner T-10 4 Speed Manual Trans. it would have had the Tachometer and Power Disc Brakes and COULD have been ordered with Traction Bars, Rear Stabilizer Bar, H.D. Springs and Shocks etc.

        That being said, this Car of course is probably the more commonly ordered Flight-O-Matic on the Column Standard 289, but since you wish to upgrade to a R2 or R2 1/2, why not just build it as the Factory WOULD have?

        It worked for them and quite a few Drag Racers and Street Racers here, I don't see a problem with the CORRECT Power Train.

        You just would want to get the Moser Flanged Axle Kit for your Dana 44 from Fairborn Studebaker in Ohio.

        There are SEVERAL Studebaker Vendors (SDC Members) over there with a WHOLE LOT of Studebaker Parts right there in Australia, including some Right Hand Drive Conversion Parts you could get a lot closer to you and help with the conversion.
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          I'm thinking of using as many OEM parts as I can. I was only thinking of changing transmissions to make use of an overdrive as we cover some long distances over here.


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            If the car is an automatic, a good upgrade would be the GM 200-4R overdrive 4 speed automatic. If you can't find one, the next best would be the GM 700-R4 overdrive 4-speed automatic. Myer Studebaker in Duncan Falls Ohio offers the conversion kit. I believe there is another vendor as well that offers one. It's well tested and, as much as I am a hard-core stock Stude lover, it is a significant upgrade: 1st gear-start, 4 speeds, overdrive, great parts availability, performance shift-kits available, and proven fitment and reliability. Plus, no one knows you have deviated from stock unless they climb under your car...
            if your car is a stick, it almost assuredly will already have overdrive, unless it's a very rare 4-speed Cruiser... if so, Leave It Alone! (although you could put a T-5 5-speed in it's place...)
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              Welcome to the Studebaker world Brad. Feel free to contact us here in Brisbane - Studebaker of Australia ( Chris & Matt