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Important UPDATE: Turning Wheels surplus sale

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  • Important UPDATE: Turning Wheels surplus sale

    I opened a new thread because I figured most folks interested in earlier issues would have read this original thread, discounted the possibility that I had any additional copies, and would not read subsequent posts:


    However, when re-organizing an area of the basement I haven't touched for 20-odd years this morning, I ran across several older sets of well-preserved (i.e., always dry) 1970s Turning Wheels that I'm making available. I now have most issues available from 1973 through 1979, although maybe six of them have already been spoken for through earlier PMs.

    The terms of sale are the same as posted in the earlier thread, but please add 50 cents per issue to the 1980-up price. That's still cheaper than they are available through the club...and the club has few issues from the 1970s available anyway. Thanks. BP
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