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4th of July Parades? Not good!!

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  • 4th of July Parades? Not good!!

    Today was the annual 4th of July parade in Shepherdstown WV. I have been in it before, but this year wasn't for me. I decided to chance it with the Wagonaire even though I hadn't had it back long enough to give it a good shakedown. One thing I didn't get done before the parade was re-installing my electric fuel pump. The parade has gotten too big. I was WAY back in the assembly area and when they finally got us moving it was long stops and short goes for about a half mile in 90-degree sun, the poor thing kept getting hotter and hotter and finally, with 50 feet to go to turn on to the parade street (down hill and only two blocks long) it vapor locked and I had to be pushed to the side of the street. Not only embarrassed, but disappointed too. I had the roof open and had a big flag sticking up out of the center of the car. I figured that would really dazzle the crowd who had never heard of a Wagonaire much less seen one.

    I tried pouring my cold water on the fuel pump, but no joy. Finally gave up and called the wife. She brought me a small gas can and a can of starting fluid. Primed the carb and it started right up and kept running so I didn't stop, just kept on going all the way home.

    In fairness to the car, it had only about three or four hours on the totally rebuilt engine so it was pretty tight. The shop where I had just about every mechanical problem solved had told me that the viscous fan hub was worn out (what? after only 130,000 miles?). I sent them what looked like a new viscous fan hub apparently it wasn't any better than the old one. So, I can't blame the car there.

    Oh well, I'll make it up on the Christmas Parade.
    Paul Johnson, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.
    '64 Daytona Wagonaire, '64 Avanti R-1, Museum R-4 engine, '72 Gravely Model 430 with Onan engine

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    Parades are a challenge for most old cars and after participating in one decades ago, I said to myself... Never Again!

    Better being a spectator than being stuck...


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      53k, I have a 64 Marshall, RI, 3 speed no over drive, seems do do well in parades when you can keep the rev's up.

      We'll be sending it down to Ravenswood for the Labor Day parade from Michigan next month, it will be at the old Kaiser Aluminum plant we are dismantling for a while.

      Martinsburg is a bit of a trip, but maybe you can stop by fpor a clod one.


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        Fourteen years ago I had my '63 Wagonaire in a July 4th parade in a very small town. I had a red, white & blue Honda 200X three wheeler parked inside the back of the car (to show off the utility of a sliding roof, and show some patriotic colors too). Half way through the parade, I turned onto main street where the majority of spectators were watching, and the car vapor locked! I began pushing the car and then two or three other spectators began helping me push the car two blocks down main street to where I could exit the parade route. I was so dehydrated at the end that my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. I'm sure many people were laughing at me, but I guess I did my part in entertaining the many spectators.

        Here is the car in the parade line-up.
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          DSCN0033.jpg Parade1.jpg Copy of May4 007.jpg The local parade is a family tradition. My Studebakers are there every year. The first year I got the car done we just missed the goal of getting it finished in time for the parade. You can't tell by the first two pictures but the dash was not in yet. I put the car in before I sent it off for restoration and making it for the entire parade was the big question. I asked the organizer to place me behind a tractor and threw a chain into the trunk. Luckily I didn't need it.
          Jon Stalnaker
          Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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            The only parades I have been in with my Cruiser were the parades at the last two South Bend International Meets. In 2012 the engine temp started to creep up. I have an auxiliary electric fan with a switch on the dash. All I had to do was flick the switch and things were fine. I didn't have any problems this year, so didn't have to use the extra fan.
            Joe Roberts
            '61 R1 Champ
            '65 Cruiser
            Eastern North Carolina Chapter