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    Does anyone know what happened to Richard Gallatin, the creator and webmaster of * It is not working for me today, and doesn't go anywhere. *I tried to email Richard, using 3 email accounts that have worked for him in the past, but the messages are all returned as undeliverable. *Hope he is OK.
    Lew Schucart
    Editor, Avanti Magazine

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    Most of the Avanti related sites I have bookmarked are dead. Did you get this email today? It reads in part.....
    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website!

    After months of hard work and dedication, the new site is up and running at

    Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors and members an easier way to learn and navigate all that the AOAI has to offer. The new website is interactive and gives better access to About Us, the Online Avanti Webstore, News and Events, Join and Renew, Forums, Chapter Information, and Contact web pages.
    The site now has integrated social media buttons on every page for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as easy access to sign up for our Avanti electronic newsletter to foster improved communication for our members and those interested in the Avanti.


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      I got that e-mail and it said to go to I clicked on that link and it took me right to their site.
      Ed Sallia
      Dundee, OR

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        I believe they are 2 different sites. Is it possible they ( forgot to renew their domain?
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          The ICANN info says it's a good domain until March 2018. Was updated in January this year, however I can't get an IP address for the site. Must be some admin voodoo going on.. Server upgrade or the like...

          the owners email is
 if you want to ask about it..
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            Yes.... I also checked the ICANN info and saw that it is still a good domain and still registered to Richard. I tried emailing to the verizon email you gave, and it came back as undeliverable. I also tried two other emails for Richard which I knew to be old, and they did not work either.
            Lew Schucart
            Editor, Avanti Magazine


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              Sad news to report: (Also posted to the Obituaries and Eulogies forum)

              Dennis Richard Gallatin, who went by his middle name, Richard, died March 16, 2017 at his home in Alexandria, Virginia. Richard created and ran the website, (formerly in the early 2000s and continued cataloging maintaining the site until shortly before his death. Avanti Magazine Issue 179 is in production and should be in the mail next week. We have a full obituary on Richard Gallatin in the magazine.

              He was 72 and died from cancer of the liver and esophagus. A graveside service was held Saturday, March 25 at Fairfax Memorial Park in Fairfax, Virginia. Memorial contributions maybe be made in his name to Capital Caring Hospice, Resource Development Dept., 2900 Telestar Court, Falls Church, VA 22042.

              Although his email and website are no longer active, the AOAI will publish his complete website as a link off of our site in the near future, as a continuing memorial and legacy to Richard.

              Lew Schucart
              Editor, Avanti Magazine