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Anyone know this '37 (Frankfort, KY)?

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  • Anyone know this '37 (Frankfort, KY)?

    Driving through Frankfort (just 10 miles north of home) and saw the back of this car - cannot mistake it for anything but a Studebaker. Had Kentucky antique license plates. Anyone know the car?

    It was in a business parking lot and from the rust on the rotors, it sat in that spot when tropical storm Cindy came through last Thursday/Friday - 5 inches of rain at home - windows were not all steamed up so maybe it does not leak...

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    it looks like it needs a new home. My place!


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      Is that Steve Doerschlag's former car? BP
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        A while back, I saw an ad for this car for sale. (At my age, I have a built in excuse for not remembering) I seem to recall that it had a surprisingly low price for what it looks like. That is until I read about "WATER DAMAGE." Don't recall all the details, but I assume, considering the extent of the damage, the car will have to be completely dismantled, rust proofed (if possible) and then reassembled/restored.
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