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Nine Studes at Pier 4 tonight

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  • Nine Studes at Pier 4 tonight

    Our favourite marque continues to punch above its weight on the local cruise scene here in Hamilton...this evening's Pier 4 Park "Rockin' The Waterfront" cruise-in attracted nine Studebakers among the couple hundred vintage Brand Xs and imports on hand. Here are a few pix...

    '37 Dictator, belonging for over 30 years to ASC member Frank Mitchell

    '51 Starlight rod of SDCer Doug Pett

    '58 Commander of SDCers Steve and Kathy Porter

    Sixties trio: Bob and Janice Barrick's '65 Wagonaire; my '62 Lark; Kevin and Della Mullett's '63 GT Hawk--all are SDCers

    '64 Avanti of Roly and Sue Lusted (Roly is the current SDC Hamilton prez)

    '66 Cruiser of SDCers Eric and Sarah Harnett (just before sunset, around 9pm on this the longest day of the year; just as back in the day, the last cars still on the field were our Studebakers, while we gabbed merrily on!)

    Keep 'em rolling all...


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    Very nice... Thanks for posting!


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      Very nice flock of Studes.

      It is quite rare to see a '58 Commander 4 Door that came with Shadowtone Red and White Paint Colors, most were Studebaker & Packard "J" Body Hardtops.
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner
      SDC Member Since 1967


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        Steve, Thanks for sharing that great group of Studebakers.



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          Such a nice display should be an inspiration for the rest of us to get the Studes out there , Just saying Ed


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            Something's gone awry with my P'bucket's a link that goes to these shots plus others...the second link shows the stock '40 Willys that turned up at Pier 4 this past week...when was the last time you saw a stock prewar Willys?



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              ...Oh, and as to the two-toning on the Porters' '58, good's "incorrect", but was specified by the previous owners to match the Commander they had as newlyweds. Two-tone Commanders apparently just had the roof in the accent hue; Presidents had the fins in the second colour also (see the one pictured in the recent TW "Off The Records" column). I happen to think the way the Robsons (former owners of the Commander) had their car done looks terrific. And having driven the Porters' '58 a number of times I can say she's a peach to drive, too.