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Geeze, I like this color combo on '55 Carribeans...

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    Originally posted by riversidevw View Post
    In the decades before hopped-up Ford and Mercury flat-head V8s, or the "Hot Rod Lincoln," Packards were favored getaway cars among the more affluent members of the criminal class.
    In the 1950's Everett Hatch drag raced a '56 Clipper in the Northwest. To my knowledge, his car has not been located.



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      Originally posted by BobPalma View Post

      Similar to that was a drop-dead gorgeous 1972 Monte Carlo convertible that appeared at an Indianapolis Raceway Park show here several years ago. Beautifully done, starting with a 1970-1972 Malibu convertible. Another car GM should have made. BP
      That build was more difficult than it would first appear. The 1970-1972 Monte Carlo was built on the 116 inch wheelbase of a four door sedan and the 1970-1972 Malibu convertible was built on the shorter (normal two door) wheelbase.

      It has been more than 40 years since I owned my 1970 Monte Carlo. There was an excellent 1972 Monte Carlo at a car show that I attended today. Both mine and the one at the show did not have a vinyl roof, unusual and the way that I like them.
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        Originally posted by 8E45E View Post
        In the 1950's Everett Hatch drag raced a '56 Clipper in the Northwest. To my knowledge, his car has not been located.

        I used to tow a couple different cars to local tracks for friends. Once time we went to Woodburn, OR and my '55 Clipper was mistaken for Hatch's '56. It was seen sitting in the pits and someone thought it was there to race.


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          I'm glad that the eye-grabbing, queasiness-inducing Clipper sedan that Bob Palma spotted on eBay gave us an excuse us to consider and talk about those cars.

          Just going over some of the details on the dealer's pricing sheets. We mentioned fender skirts on '55 Clippers. Would you believe they were extra cost (Code FS) on all Clippers? $21.45 retail. (Not available Constellation, of course.) And a bunch of stuff you would now expect on a premium automobile (or just a late model VW) was extra cost. Base price for a '55 Four Hundred hardtop was $4245.32. With just a few of the common things like ww tires, tinted glass and some power gadgets, that would be way over $40,000 in today's dollars. The factory AC alone on our former '56 Patrician cost somebody the equivalent of $5866 in 2017 bucks. Add the electric door locks and a host of stuff? "Sticker shock."

          All things to recall when considering the value of collector cars. That's also a reminder that the senior Packards just weren't within financial reach of most families, including mine. A senior Packard, Caddy, Imperial or Lincoln was indeed a big deal back then. The Clippers offered the same basic engineering and important features. Even Consumer Reports rated the basic Clipper Deluxe (stick/OD, no Torsion Level) as a Best Buy for '56.

          Think I'm getting nostalgic over that '55 Constellation again. The one my parents test drove in Sedalia, MO. Nice town, home of the State Fair.
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