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Orientation of red/white/blue of outside and inside door emblems on 64 Hawk

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    Thanks for the offer but my main question concerned the inside door panels on a 64


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      Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
      The reupholstered Tan Interior will look fairly good in a Golden Sand Color Car, but not so much in the Red Hawk.
      I don't even think it was available.
      How the color combination looks is a matter of opinion; I really like it and it is a bit different. It was available and built that way according to the production order. The car was sold from a central CA Studebaker dealer to a buyer in Las Vegas, where is spent all its life. The white vinyl top and tan interior probably were sensible options in those sunny locations and it does have factory installed air. Attached is a current picture of the exterior
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        From the outside look through the window at the inside door panel. The inside chevrons should match (i.e. Red, white, blue) the outside chevrons and for 1964 the base should be chrome.
        Peter Bishop
        Northeast Zone