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Harbor Freight Settlement - If you bought there!!!

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  • Harbor Freight Settlement - If you bought there!!!

    There is a settlement for a refund for items purchase between 4/8/2011 and 12/15/2016.
    You might be able to receive 20% to 30% of the "amount saved" on those receipts!

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    It is not called Hazard Fraught for nothing...


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      Just a estimate but I think I am getting a $342,163.00 refund.
      Jack White
      North Carolina Studebaker Drivers Club


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        I hope i don't have to relinquish all those free multimeters and little flashlights because of this.....


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          Originally posted by 63 R2 Hawk View Post
          I hope i don't have to relinquish all those free multimeters and little flashlights because of this.....
          The little flashlights that stop working two weeks after purchase?
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            You know, I might have some money "due to me" as a result of this, but I'll be damned if I'm going to go to the trouble of collecting it. I never regarded that "amount saved" blurb as anything more than puffery. It certainly didn't induce me to buy the product. I buy stuff at HF (or Princess Auto in Canada, which really invented that business model), because I need it, and their price is attractive. Or I will buy sale items there if they meet an anticipated future need. And the stuff on sale, that I don't anticipate ever needing, I don't buy, no matter how cheap the price.

            The final outcome of this stupid lawsuit is that HF will just jack their prices a little on everything to cover their losses. The only people who really cash out are the lawyers. /rant
            Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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              Originally posted by RadioRoy View Post
              The little flashlights that stop working two weeks after purchase?
              Yes, those ones....and the probe leads break on the multimeters in 3 weeks....


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                Not the best tools, not the worst tools. When my HF mini-grinders die I'll either toss them or visit the local repair cafe/Maker space and fix out of a desire to tinker.

                Jeff T.
                \"I\'m getting nowhere as fast as I can\"
                The Replacements.


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                  Over the period of time indicated in the lawsuit, I probably spent in excess of $500 or so but when it is considered that I would have to spend hours to assemble the needed bank statements over that period, I think that I'll pass.

                  As an aside, the advertising/marketing biz has been a lyin' enterprise since the beginning of time and is one of the first things one learns when taking college level business courses...


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                    They didn't force me to buy anything. If a person only buys something because they can't pass up a perceived deal, they are greedy.
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                      Thanks for posting this, George. I know that I shopped there during that time. I do not believe that it is worth my time to come up with proof for what I may get back.
                      Gary L.
                      Wappinger, NY

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                      Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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                        I payed cash and burned the receipts. I wonder if I can sue for not getting my share of the settlement?
                        Yep, just another stupid lawsuit in a sue happy country by greedy people who want something for nothing.

                        The flashlights hold up pretty well if you put grease on the8 contacts and the threads of the end cap, and toss the junk batteries as soon as the LED's start to dim.
                        Sometimes you have to push the clears lens back to make good contact in the circuit board ground.


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                          Harbor Freight should be proud of this accomplishment! At least it is proof that people shop there!

                          Something Sears could have difficulty proving these days.
                          John Clary
                          Greer, SC

                          SDC member since 1975


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                            What a joke...
                            People go there for cheap, one time use tools...or at least, that's what they should be expecting..!
                            When the cashier asks me if I want to buy accident insurance, I just say no, I just need it to do one job, if it still works after that, that's fine.

                            AND...since this stuff is cheap and cheap (!!!) anyway, who the hell cares about the penny's you may have saved..."IF", the buyer, would have "paid attention" to the original vs. sale prices..!
                            What's that word...oh yea..."caveat emptor".

                            Sorry...what a bunch of sniveling crybabies to start a lawsuit like this.


                            P.S. - And what the hell, everyone of my H.F flashlights still work except the one that the batteries leaked all over the inside. That's not the lights fault.
                            I even put a large single Lithium battery in one. It's really bright now and has worked that way for almost a year now..!


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                              I've spent probably $800-$900 there over the last 6 years including two tool boxes. I haven't had any problem with anything, even the flashlights. I have replaced the batteries but they do work. I do follow the adage that you get what you pay for.

                              I will say my Chinese tool boxes are great. I still by Craftsmen tools, even with the move of production to Mexico. It's the only reason I go to Sears.
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                              Tom - Bradenton, FL

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