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A nice pic of a nice Avanti.

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  • A nice pic of a nice Avanti.

    Nothing more, nothing less. My favourite of the surprisingly numerous local Avantis has always been this one, Jim and Barb Anderson's '63 R2 from Dundas; seen here at an SDC meeting in Glanbrook in 2009...

    There's just something about the white exterior/orange+tan+black interior/grey Spyder wheels/white-letter Goodyears that makes the Andersons' Avanti look like a million bucks; I ran across this pic just now and thought I'd post it here. Eight years have passed since this pic but the car still looks exactly like this. Hope it always will!


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    I agree that it is "A nice pic". That Avanti looks nice. The high angle of the picture helps. It makes the front clip look less "heavy". I believe that rear three-quarter shots of Avantis look the best.
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