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  • Engine ID help

    Greetings! New Studebaker owner here... my father and I acquired a 1940 Champion (4dr).
    We are complete novices to Studebakers but eager to learn.
    Trying to decipher the numbers stamped on top of the engine to tell us a bit more about it.
    I figure this is probably very elementary to most here, but hoping someone might be kind enough to help the newbie! Thx!

    Numbers stamped on top of engine as follows:
    T 6 4

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    Are those stamped into the block or cast in the head?

    IIRC, the serial number for a 1940 Champion would be stamped into the front side of the block and should be between 34,101 and 101,201.

    If 194777 is stamped into the side of the block, it could be a 1942 Champion block.

    jack vines

    jack vines


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      Thanks for the reply Jack.
      The numbers I listed are cast into the head.
      I'm looking for other numbers stamped into the block, and as strange as this may sound, yet to find them!
      (was told they should be on the left side of the block?)
      I would have thought I should be able to see/find them without having to pull the motor! LOL!
      Would you know if there is any significance to the numbers I listed that were cast into the head?
      Thanks again..


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        Those numbers probably had meaning to the folks who put them in the mold for the casting, but that meaning has not been passed down to us. Look on the block, on the left side (drivers side) toward the front, just under the head. There's a flat machined area there, with numbers stamped into it. Don't be confused by the I, that's what Studebaker used for a 1.


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          This link will give you the engine numbers.

          Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

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