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1940 President Speaker Grille Measruments.

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  • 1940 President Speaker Grille Measruments.

    hey ya

    I was hoping someone might have a 1940 President and could measure the center dash/speaker grille for me.

    I just picked up what i believe to be a speaker grille from one off ebay. not sure as it was listed as 1948-52 mopar for $25.

    Thing is its going to be sitting at my freight forwarder for some time as i wait on other parts before it makes its way to me around the world in New Zealand.

    So im after the overall height and width. then the either the height of just the grille part or just the lower flat radio area.

    The champion have similar center dash dimensions?

    hey thanks very much


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    Great to see how active this forum is. More so than the Buick or Hudson sites im a member of.

    Anyone out there able to give me a hand


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      It's actually a little thin this week as lots of folks are at the International Meet in South Bend. Where finding a 40 President to measure from shouldn't be a problem.

      Not me, unfortunately.
      Jim K.
      63 Hawk


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        I measured my 40 and the speaker grill is 11" across, the grill measured vertically is about 5" the flat area is 2 1/2". I didn't measure the radio opening or the switch holes but visually they look correct. The top of the grill area is flat but I didn't measure the depth. If you need something specific I can measure it for you.

        Ken Robinson


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          top man!

          thanks very much for the help.

          International meet sounds wicked. how many cars are expected?