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Blocked from 62 Hawk registry

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  • Blocked from 62 Hawk registry

    When I click on the view 62 regestery I get a message that say blocked how do I open or is there another site.

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    I didn't know about a 62 Hawk registry and I've owned 62 Hawk since 1975. I would put my car in the registry if we can figure out how to do it. Bud


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      There IS no SDC Authorized '62 Hawk Registry.

      The one that Glen Martin that used to live in Oak Harbor Washington created years ago has been abandoned for years I believe, along with the Chat Page.

      Funny thing about these Registries, the original thought was for owners of VERY rare Studebakers to stay connected to share related info and Parts availability and to know how many remain.

      They were thought to only be needed when there were one to three dozen or so Cars extant.
      Like '57 Golden Hawk 400's, '55 Speedsters and actual Super Hawks and Super Larks, '56 Sky Hawks, '58 Packard Wagons and 1957 Parkview V8 2 Door Station Wagons where the production Numbers and remaining surviving numbers were extremely LOW! This is ESPECIALLY true for Highly desirable Models as the above.

      The '62 GT Hawks are probably THE most common of ALL Hawks, so I guess things have changed.
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        See your PM.
        Bill L.
        1962 GT Hawk