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  • 52 1 ton

    Hey Guys :

    just wondering if anyone would have an idea what a 52 2R10 single rear wheel truck would be worth in restoreable condition and running and driving condition . Don't need drawn out reasons but a good guesstimate .

    Old Fart

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    A 2R10 is a 3/4 ton. All had single rear wheels.

    If by running and driving you mean that the engine runs without obvious problems, the clutch clutches, and the brakes stop more or less, then maybe $2000. Really depends on the rust, as that is usually the biggest problem and biggest expense. OD trans and relatively modest rust maybe $3000. Heavy rust and a T-9 4-speed, then less. Just my opinion; others doubtless will disagree.
    Skip Lackie


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      I agree with Skip. Driver, 1500-2500. Rusty Driver, somewhat less.

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