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South Bend weather ?

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  • South Bend weather ?

    Per the internet the week-end weather is going to be rain & cold.I'm thinking of cancelling my reservations as I don't want to pay motel rates to sit in our room.It's always the way when you want to do something, at least it is for me.
    Any thoughts about this and wether I should chance it & go ?

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    I see you are from Canada. So I'd think mid-40s temps would be moderate for you. Come on out and brave the elements. Wear some long-johns, and have fun


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      Umbrellas are not expensive.


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        We arrived today weather not too bad. They have two buildings for parts plus outside vendors. If it rains (and it might) the outside vendors will suffer. Lots of parts to look at lots of cars outside today. Off to SI tomorrow to see what Ed has to offer.
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          I would chance it and go. We are making the 6 hour trip tomorrow evening and plan to stay until SundaY.. Any weather cold, rain or anything it will still be a great time.


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            Where I live, I have a pretty good view of the world, from my living room. The view, encompasses my back yard, part of my pole barn, and a bird house. Beyond that, out through the pasture, to distant woods. All of this viewed through the window of my storm door. A couple of days ago, we had severe wind, hail, and rain. All through the event, I watched horses frolic in the rain, birds flying to and fro, even flying insects. Not an umbrella in sight.

            I have about a dozen reasons I am not in South Bend right now. All good reasons, but none of them involve the weather.
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              Weather was actually pretty decent today.
              Overcast. Light breeze. Almost got to 60 degree's.
              Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
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                It was 31 degrees this morning. I really did have to scrape the ice off my windshield.


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                  I check the weather for South Bend before I left, and acu-weather said it would be dry all week and temps in the 60's and lower 70's.
                  So much for acu-weather, and I'm glad I drove modern. I was gone for 8 days, and 3 of them it rained.
                  Being from Minnesota, I didn't care about frost on my windshield 2 days.