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As You Get Older, It Gets Harder...

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  • As You Get Older, It Gets Harder... accomplish the most basic of tasks.

    Take my venerable Power Hawk for example. I'm in the final stages of making it reliable again without destroying the authenticity of a numbers matching original survivor of fifty one years in my possession. But is seems that every task fights you all the way and today was a perfect example.

    Usually, a quick prime with the electric pump yielded a no start situation. Plenty of fuel but no spark. New coil and starter solenoid and jumped each individually still no spark. Popped the distributor cap, filed the points and still no spark. B+ voltage is there but...

    Took the distributor out, took it home and will install a new set of points, capacitor and check all for continuity and reinstall next week.


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    I know the feeling as the age of 81 looms. I just fitted new upper wishbone bushes to my '64 GT Hawk in a much slower time than my more younger years. Even greasing the front end plus new oil filter & engine oil was a challenge. I guess I must be greatful that I still have the mobility to do this work.



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      One of the best "investments" I've made is the purchase of a BendPak 10K hoist. Crawling under cars is getting harder to do, and getting back out is even harder. I just replaced the bumper cover on my wife's Honda Civic after a close encounter with a fat raccoon, spent over an hour trying the get those stupid plastic fasteners out, straining my back and neck in the process. Finally put it up on the hoist and got 'er done in a few minutes.


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        Tell me about it. I'm pushing 80 this month. I've been diverting the harder work to my local mechanic.
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