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1960 Lark VIII hard top with 259 3-speed/OD in Issaquah, WA

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    Tried to send a Pm for information.-Bill
    425 413 3958
    206 788 7655


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      Bill, I sent you a PM with the info. I also called one of your numbers and left a message.
      Mark L


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        Originally posted by pinehurstbob View Post
        Thanks to 62 Champ for telling me something I did not know about the 1960 V8 engines. I own a 60 and have looked at many others and this is the first time I have seen this style of valve cover. You learn something every day.
        Yup, learned this one myself about a year ago when I ordered gaskets. I have the early 60 4 bolt version on my wagon as well.

        This looks like a solid find for someone. Wish I had the extra cash to splurge on it. The wife would love it.
        1960 Lark VIII Regal Wagon


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          edit - still available.
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          Mark L


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            I spoke with the seller today to see if he needed us to pull his ad, but he said the Lark is still available. He said he was able to air up the tires, get it out of the garage, and get it cleaned up. Still not running, but it rolls.

            They had multiple bids for the house and selected a winning bid. They need to be out no later than June 30.
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            Mark L


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              The seller emailed me today to let me know the car has been sold. A local friend of his bought it. His friend is not a member of the SDC. I told the seller to have his friend contact one of us if he needed anything.
              Mark L


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                Thanks Mark!

                I seriously did some numbers crunching yesterday to see if I could afford to go get this and get it home. My wife would have a kniption, but I want to make sure we save the cars like these, as all original and unique as the 2DHTP is.

                Keep us informed if it comes up again.
                Dis-Use on a Car is Worse Than Mis-Use...
                1959 Studebaker Lark VIII 2DHTP