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  • Production order explanation

    Can anybody tell me, what the meaning of MOTEL in the production order from the Studebaker Museum is?
    In the production order for my car the body type is 16G8-W2 MOTEL.


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    I am guessing here but it may be the telegraph code the factory used for a particular model.
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      The factory used telegraph code words like that to order a specific combination that was very popular. Telegrams cost per the word in those days and code words for popular models and options were economical and eliminated a lot of confusion. Someone will chime in with the meanings.


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        Thanks for reply.
        But I know, that MOTEL is a telegraph code.
        I like to know the meaning of MOTEL.
        I know, that I can find several codes in the font of the parts catalogue, but can't find MOTEL in it?


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          As posted above, it's a 'shortcut' to reduce the cost of sending instructions by telegraph.
          I'm away from home and can't look it up, but it identifies the car being built as a Commander 4-door, and which transmission is to be installed (manual or automatic)
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