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    Thinking of Leonard Shepherd today, on what would have been his 72nd birthday. We miss you, buddy!

    Click image for larger version

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    I couldn't post his picture in "Stove Huggers" so, Clark can move this post if warranted.
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    Probably couldn't think of Leonard without his Studebaker connection. So, I can't think of a more proper place for this thread! Great photo! His very expression shouts GREAT GUY!
    Thanks for posting.

    Sadly, I can think of more. A growing list, that has made the SDC, a community worth being a member.
    John Clary
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      I met Leonard at York and Reedsville meets. He was very helpful in finding me parts for my '64 conv. I enjoyed talking with him about our cars.
      Rob in PA.


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        I think about him every time I work on my 52. Yesterday I was reading old posts about overdrive transmissions and realized I was reading one of his. Since he was working on the same car, I read those closely for hints about what he was doing. I never actually met Leonard face to face, but I wanted to.
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          He was a fun guy.
          Had quite the memorabilia collection.
          Hung around with Tom C in Richmond.
          Used to see him there every once and a while...
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            I, too, miss Leonard. Such a gentle gentleman. (Thanks again for "first dibs" on the 1964 Daytona convertible, Leonard. I'm keeping it as you thought it would be kept.) BP
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              Yep... sure miss him here.

              Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                Leonard was probably the first one that stood out in my mind when I first came into the Forum. He was so open & honest I felt I missed something being on the west coast. The picture of his 52 & the primered front fender made me wish all the more I wanted to meet him & paint that fender for him. But that didn't happen & we all were saddened when he was hit with his illness. It was so sudden. I still miss him as I'm sure many who read his wit do too.
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                  Here's a picture that I took back in October 2005

                  Click image for larger version

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                  Jim Bradley
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