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Who Needs a Nice Ignition Scope?

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  • Who Needs a Nice Ignition Scope?

    There is a nice Heathkit ignition scope on ebay right now, with only 6 hours left. Buy it now for $75, and I'd sure buy it if I didn't already own one. Mine doesn't have the tach like this one, so mine must be an earlier model. There is nothing easier than a scope to sort out ignition problems. Use a 110 invertor and you can even use the scope while driving, as many times the car may need to be under power to start missing.

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    I have an older version without the tach, and it works. And this past weekend I snagged a Heathkit CO-606 scope at the Portland Swap meet for $40. It has a large TV-type CRT in it, and a very large meter face, more like pro scopes. Also has cylinder-kill buttons, so you can do power balance tests. Plus it came with an advance timing light, and a whole milk crate full of binders for a Heath-Schlumberger auto tune-up course. And some of the books also have audio cassettes in little pouches.

    I don't know if it works, or not. But I will find out.
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands