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    Does anyone know how the owner is doing? And does he intend to rebuild? If so, I have a complete rear section of an Avanti from the firewall back. Its in very nice condition. Let me know if you find out if he is planning to rebuild. I'd let it go pretty cheap.

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    The owner is still recovering from his injuries.

    The car was rear-ended on a high-speed highway, went in a ditch, and rolled several times from the second-hand information I have received. The insurance company wrote it off; the owner did not reclaim it. One of our Chapter members is presently trying to track it down. From the description, it would be a parts car at best. However, 5 months after the wreck it may be lost. I will tell the interested member about your post.

    My modern car was written off in a collision (other driver's fault) 3 years ago. The insurance company settled the claim to my satisfaction the next day. The car was delivered to an auto salvage the following day. On the other hand, there is an auction yard in our city where wrecks owned by other insurance companies often sit for many, many months. So, finding the Avanti may depend as much on luck as on planning.
    Bill Jarvis


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      It might still be at the auction yard...
      Tom - Bradenton, FL

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