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Loewy / Coke connection

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  • Loewy / Coke connection

    Don't know if this has been noted here, but -

    Apparently, while Raymond Loewy did not design it (according to the TV documentary this morning), he did state that the second design of the Coke bottle, "was the best wrapper ever for a soft drink".

    This new design was a slimmed down version of the original bottle that was designed by the marketers that worked at Coca Cola in the early days. According to the show, the "bottling company" actually did the redesign. The original was too difficult to manufacture.
    R.L. and his crew did design or redesign some of the early trucks, coolers and vending machines.


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    Loewy did not design the original coke bottle shape. However, he did design the 10 oz., 16 oz and larger bottles. He also designed the Coca Cola Fountain Service machines which was a separate branch of the parent company. I grew up in a family who owned Coke franchises for nearly 90 years.
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