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Saw this on Facebook this morning...Avanti underhood fire

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  • Saw this on Facebook this morning...Avanti underhood fire

    Is this fellow on the forum, or might anyone know him? Glad the fire wasn't worse than it ended up being...bad enough.

    I'm a big proponent of battery cut-off switches, incidentally. I plan on having one on my '66 the very first night in the garage.
    Bill Pressler
    Kent, OH
    (formerly Greenville, PA)
    Currently owned: 1966 Cruiser, Timberline Turquoise, 26K miles
    Formerly owned: 1963 Lark Daytona Skytop R1, Ermine White
    1964 Daytona Hardtop, Strato Blue
    1966 Daytona Sports Sedan, Niagara Blue Mist
    All are in Australia now

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    Originally posted by Bill Pressler View Post
    I'm a big proponent of battery cut-off switches, incidentally. I plan on having one on my '66 the very first night in the garage.
    I agree Bill, and might I suggest that it be located so you don't need to raise the hood to access it. I've used 12V latching relays designed for RV's on my last several builds but the current 74 Avanti will have a Flaming River manual disconnect in the trunk that's accessible from under the trunk floor to disconnect.

    IAC excellent suggestion and "Don't leave/stay home without one".



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      I would highly recommend installing a fusible link to the wiring harness. Stop a short before it can do extensive damage! I replaced and rebuilt a wiring harness in a factory R3. A short in the wiring had totally fused the portion of the harness that passes thru the firewall. It was apparent by the shunt wire that had been added that the harness portion to the coil had shorted on the sharp edge of the bottom of the distributor emission shielding. The car had been driven that way for some length of time!! Whew! Don't take a chance with an Avanti.


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        Bill Tackett is both an SDC and an AOAI member. Cannot find him on here. Another strong reason why I always have Fire Extinguishers with me when any of my Studebakers are moving or are parked including in the garage,
        sigpicSee you in the future as I write about our past


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          Wow, what a surprise to see this. Bill and I were coworkers until the summer of '15 when he retired. I haven't talked to him lately though. So sorry to see his Avanti damaged.

          Earlier in 2015 Bill drove his Avanti and I drove my '54 to a small car show near Saxonburg PA which was sponsored by a local Early Ford V8 Club. They invited Studebaker drivers to bring their cars too that day because a member I know in the Early Ford V8 Club also belongs to SDC. We had a better turnout of Studebakers that day than there were Fords. The Ford people were very polite to us.


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            Very sorry to see that beautiful Expensive, Custom Paint job in jeopardy, but it does look like Bill got it JUST in time to prevent any exterior damage to the fenders or Paint, a VERY close one.

            Finally, a newspaper story that is not littered with errors! That is a pretty good story for the many who have never heard of an Avanti.
            The only "questionable' issue is the "the Wire Harness is not immediately available" statement.

            I guess depending on how you define "immediately": at the Local Auto Parts Store the same Day, or waiting a week for shipment.
            But you know what, I don't think ANY Car Main Wiring Harness could be gotten any faster!
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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              June 2016's Mississippi Zone Meet in Kansas City MO saw an Avanti start on fire sitting in the hotel parking lot with the hood raised and the owner inside the hotel. Luckily someone saw the smoke, then flames, yelled fire and several guys came running with fire extinguishers. The brake light leads coming off the master cylinder shorted together causing the fire which was quickly put out. Frank Van Doorn got the wiring straightened out and the appreciative owner was able to drive it 300+ miles back to MN after the meet was over. Fire extinguishers, don't travel without one within easy reach.