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Original T10 4 speed shifter

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  • Original T10 4 speed shifter

    I have an original 4 speed shifter from a 63 Avanti. I don't need it just sitting on a shelf. Is it worth anything? The only thing missing is the shifter ball.
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    Maybe $25.00 to someone who wants their Car 100% Original looking.
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      I have a spare T-10 with no shifter, perhaps the two of them should get together?
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        Rich hit the nail on the head. It may be worth more (or less) to someone wanting 100% originality, but for normal use it is just about useless. Don't scrap it though, as someone out there will be interested in it. Bill


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          Don't scrap it though, as someone out there will be interested in it. Bill
          If only to weld the stick on top of a Hurst to make it appear original.

          jack vines


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            You'll do better if you put it on eBay. I sold one 4 years ago for over $100.



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              I seem to recall getting over $100 for the shifters I sold many years ago as well. There are times when I sell items cheap just to be rid of them, but it would not be too tough to put it up on ebay and see what happens. A no-reserve sale would be quite telling. You never know when two "must have" buyers will show up and bid it up to $250. They are getting rarer these days.