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Here's your beater car ($1,500)

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  • Here's your beater car ($1,500)

    '60 Lark with Ford underpinnings and V6 Chevy power. Granted, its guts aren't Stude, but for $1,500...

    Solve the no-title problem thusly (one hopes):

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    OH my Gosh! A Color only Kermit the Frog could appreciate!

    I think this one was for sale before the God awful paint job.

    That IS a Super Good deal though, one could still afford a $298.00 Maaco Re, Re-paint in an acceptable Color you could be seen in, without the Laughs.
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      Kermie likes Studes!


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        From time to time, I am amazed at the things we spend time & money doing (including myself). I really feel sorry for this little car, and hope someone can rescue it. The pictures, don't show enough detail to give me a good idea of how well the mechanical work was performed. Nor can I see enough to make a call on body condition. It is easy to conclude someone had free run of a scrap yard for seats, and spare parts. And the color...makes me think it was salvaged from some contractor company that paints those playgrounds you see at kindergartens and fast food restaurants.

        If the body isn't trashed, and suspension not cobbled together in a way to make it unsafe, it might be a fun little machine for someone with a little money, skill, and good taste. Even a cartoon deserves some artistic decorum.
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          Originally posted by drpreposterous View Post
          '60 Lark with Ford underpinnings and V6 Chevy power.
          And that paint, looks like a Mopar color. What was it they called that, Limon or something? I always liked the way it attracts a lot of attention!


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