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1962 Lark 2-door hardtop with skytop roof available

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  • 1962 Lark 2-door hardtop with skytop roof available

    There's a 6-cylinder 1962 Lark Daytona 2-door hardtop with the skytop option available:
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    Mark L

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    Great looking Car, it's a Daytona Hardtop, until you look at the Interior.
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      "Only 25 Skytops were built" in '62. I'd say 'you can't make this stuff up', but somebody did!
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        Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
        Great looking Car, it's a Daytona Hardtop, until you look at the Interior.
        When I first read that, I thought the interior was trashed. But after looking at the photos, all it suffered from was a VERY low budget seat re-upholstery job. New seat covers in the correct pattern will improve it immensely.



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          Very low budget seat covers. That upholstery looks like it belongs on a delivery truck.
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            How many looked at the car then said it should have a V8? To make this car with what changes that need to be made and probably changes that someone would want to make, you are probably in the car over $30,000.

            Reality check

            Bob Miles
            Tucson AZ


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              Yes, nice, and rare Studebaker! I agree with the interior opinions. Screams Taxi or Police type interior.
              A call to Will Sander would be in order!
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                I have owned 1961 and 1963 Skytop hardtops that were both red. The main differences to this 1962 is that they were both V8s with original interior.
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                  Um... 18k for that??? I'd rather the '55 fourdoor in the Bay Area for five thousand less.
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