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    Originally posted by studegary View Post
    I do not think that is as pervasive as it was decades ago. Look at any SDC International Meet of the last several years and you will find that modified/custom is the biggest classes/Division. Of course there are a few exceptions, but I believe that they are a very small minority. I have owned both stock and modified Studebakers (only stock Avantis).
    I agree. Our chapter is relatively small compared to many and I would guess that most of our members have Studebakers that are somewhat modified.

    The sad thing however is that a lot of non-Studebaker folks do believe that we all are strict "purists." I often have to do some re-educating at local car shows. It is easier to prove my point when I have one of my Studebakers with me as neither is "stock."
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      I wonder how many people responding to this post are actively promoting the club. Do you have an SDC banner that you display at car shows and cruise ins? Do you have membership applications to hand out at shows? Do you give away old copies of Turning Wheels? I believe the club will supply these give aways if you ask. Please put out the effort and maybe we can turn this around.
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        It is interesting to see the responses to this post as there are many points of view. I own and show both Unrestored original cars, restored cars and modified cars, ALL Studebakers. Depending on the show , I have parents and young adults, under 45 come and talk to me about the cars. One must remember there are now at least three generations of folks who have been born and are in their 40's and below who know nothing or little about our cars. It is our responsibility individually to walk and talk tell our Studebaker story. I put kids and adults in my cars and I talk to them. I have the history of each vehicle clearly posted on the windshield of the car or truck I have with me along with old TW magazines that I give them. On my Avantis I have the Avanti Story a brochure with me. I also give kids older editions of the Avanti calendar. Does it help recruite members? I don't know but it surely helps promote them.

        As some have noted, we are getting older and so are members of other clubs. Five years ago the AACA have over 63,000 members today they are just at or under 60K so we are not alone in the loss of members. The bottom line is we all have a responsibility to promote this club. I do so what do you do? Yes, I am aware many do promote our club but we all need to do it.

        Of couse, these are my own opinions.
        sigpicSee you in the future as I write about our past


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          I have only been a member since 2009, so I don't have the decades of experiences that you have. I have been told by other modified owners that what you say is true. Doesn't change the fact that it still exists. Seems like performance era studes and 53-54 c/k or Avanti are accepted and even liked as modified but not other models. I have a 64 Daytona hardtop that is modified and generally accepted and even complimented. My 61 cruiser is the opposite. After the treatment that car got at SB the last two years it won't be back. I will go to the IM but only for parts resources.
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