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  • Value 1957 Golden Hawk

    I will throw this out there to see what the group thinks. Looking for thoughts of value on this 57 Golden Hawk. No engine or transmission. Fatman front end. Zero rust. All parts, chrome emblems there. Does not have steering wheel or column. Thinks it is original paint. Were there all white hawks? Working out details on it but still working final negotiations. Value thoughts?
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    Yes, it would make a good looking street custom; it seems an exceptionally sound basis from which to begin. Since it's already been modified, no one could complain about whatever engine/trans you decided to use.

    No, since it's no longer a 57H-K7, the recently rising auction prices for restored cars are not germaine to this discussion. It's worth whatever it's worth as a core for a custom car, not what it would be worth as a complete and stock '57 Golden Hawk.

    jack vines


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      This is a VERY INTERESTING car!....the body and the chrome appear to be in great shape (and yes, Studebaker did build quite a few 'solid color' '57 Golden Hawks)

      However, since it's definitely a project someone has apparently given up on, and it has no engine or trans, should be able to buy it 'right'!

      I'm thinking in the 3-6K range.

      ps...... If you decide not to buy this Hawk please PM me.....Ed...................................(by the way, looks like someone 'borrowed' the original 160 speedo!)


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        Value as it sits? or done? A well restored Golden Hawk is valued @ 68,500 in Hagertys valuation guide. That is an average over the last year or so sales at major auctions. I would think 99K being the high, and around 50K being average. Modified, you have probably cut the value by 1/3 to 1/2. (when done).
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          Run the vin number on the pillar post through Andy at the museum, that will at least tell you the history, and possible value of the GH.......


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            3k tops in my book. But then, I am not a buyer. I felt bad enough cutting up my old farm truck. At least there is virtually no market for the old farm trucks. I can't believe anyone would do that to a 57 GH.


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              Id say 2500 to 3k. Its a shame someone hacked up such a good restoration candidate.... it really hurts the value of the car. Could easily been worth 15k or more had it been left alone and complete. I personally would'nt pay much for it. Its not much better than a good parts car at this point.


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                It shouldn't be hard to find a good stock frame for it... why not turn it back into a GH and sell the hot rod frame? The missing parts are pretty easy to come up with-- Even I have some of them!
                Someone is sure to want the modified frame to put under a less desirable Stude for a hot rod.
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                  Looks a really good shell with no rust showing.
                  If you want to keep the hotrod frame no problem. Refit the shell on a standard rolling frame and I would give you 3K for it.
                  Was this car for sale last year out near Vegas? I remember seeing it on ebay.
                  Brian Greenall
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                    Yeah Brian,

                    That's the one. Sure looks a lot better inside instead of out in that field.
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                      I'd say this car is worth 5 to 6K at least. If what you want is a nice driver. If the floors are in good shape and if the body was a solid one to start with. No Bodyshop visits or Chrome plating. Add drivetrain of your choice, fix dash pad, paint fin GOLD IMHO and drive A Legendary 57 Golden Hawk.
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                        Wow..I'd love to have it, fatman front end and all.....LS7, electronic overdrive, "go fast or go home"---yeah Baby!


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                          Coming to this post a bit late, but looks pretty good all round


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                            The best thing you could do to this car is to refit an original GH drivetrain and then apologize for the front suspension...
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                              Jim McDonald,

                              Please check your private messages under "Notifications" at the top right side of the page.

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                              '05 Subaru Baja Turbo
                              '71 Toyota Crown Coupe
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                              (What is it with me and discontinued/orphan cars?)