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    Originally posted by PackardV8 View Post
    Agree the '63 is the pur sang. But then, Stude bastardized it with the '64 shiny square things stuck on the front. It was going to get even worse in '65, as they planned to go with quad headlights and use the Lark buckets turned upside down. I know, cause I've got the world's only '65 Avanti, done by George Barris to the original Raymond Loewy team drawings. Trust me, it's not an improvement over the '63. I'm still wondering why I bought it.

    jack vines
    Would love to see picture of that front.
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      Originally posted by ddub View Post
      Would love to se picture of that front.

      Yeah, I used to have a picture of that but it's not around any longer??!!
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