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Salvaging an M-series C9 cab, parts 1 and 2 ...

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  • Salvaging an M-series C9 cab, parts 1 and 2 ...

    Well, readers, I did finally get to the truck storage yard today (Wednesday 3/8/17) to salvage as much of the discovered C9 M-series truck that I found there, before the fellow got tired of it sitting around and scrapped it. As I mentioned in an earlier related post, the truck as a whole was just too far gone to do anything with, and there was no front end sheet metal present, so you take what you can
    Part 1 was getting the items free from the truck; Part 2 was getting them into my Honda Pilot to get them home, and Part 3 was getting them out of the Honda (somehow much harder than getting them in !) .
    Now the doors (in order to salvage the metal inner door panels) and part of the cab (for the tilt-out windshield set-up) have taken up residence in my shed. Dang, those parts are heavy !! Yes, I'm getting older and stuff is harder to carry now, but jeez..... I considered just leaving it in the Pilot so I wouldn't have to unload it, bringing it to York, and seeing what would come of it, but with only two days' prep time, and with no vendor spot, the shed is where it ended up. At least now I can soak the hardware in WD-40 or what-not, and try to remove all the usable stuff at my leisure, and in relative comfort, instead of acrobatically trying to remove it all in the salvage yard while balanced on what was left of the seat !

    For a lot of you readers, this is likely no big deal. But for a guy who could spend a few hours deciding what socks to wear on a given day, this was real progress: deciding to do it, then actually doing it. We'll see how far it gets
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    Mike Auldridge
    Gaithersburg, MD
    SDC Life Member since 1976
    1948 M16
    1961 Lark VIII convertible (with minor mods)

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    Bravo! Impressive!
    (read it backwards)

    Nothing is politically right which is morally wrong. -A. Lincoln


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      You did way more that was expected. I hope your effort saves a Stude with a C-9 someday and that someone thanks you for it.
      Skip Lackie


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        I am impressed.