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bucket seats with seat belts.

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  • bucket seats with seat belts.

    I know some one was asking a couple weeks ago about seats. I have a 2000 dodge 1500 that I am working on today and noticed the bucket seats. They are 22" wide x 24" long and 36" high to top of head rest. They have built in belt system and These had cloth inserts but I know they come in leather with the butt warmers. They have a frame work on the bottom that unbolts so are 36" from where that unbolts to head rest. Looks like they would fit in a c-k maybe just a bit high but should be workable. The rear seat is 60" wide x 24" so if you also got a rear seat you would have enough there to have a upholstery shop use it to recover your rear seat. Just a thought if your looking check them out. Should be a ton of them in the junk yards for cheap.