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  • Valentine to Car?

    Take this as intended: Funny.

    So it's Valentines Day...I'm still very much in love with her/him (politically correct...her though in my case). The first time I saw my Studebaker I knew I would always change the oil, check the fluids, and treat her with respect. Sure over the years we have battled. I have been too rough at times and she too tired to always respond to my advances. We worked through these times. I gave her new parts, new fuel, love I guess and she responded. Together through the years we have travelled many, many miles and made lots of memories and friends.

    She will always be kept close to my heart, loved, cherished and respected by all the family. She is old now but we take care of her. She sometimes has "accidents" on the garage floor...but we overlook those. She is always beautiful and I wish her a happy Valentines Day, my faithful car of over forty years.
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    The only Valentines in my car are Valentine One Radar/Laser detectors. In my humble opinion I think it is the best detector money can buy and it has saved me more times than I can count. Last year I returned both units for updating due to their age and need to be kept up with the times which have changed over the last 10-20 years(the ages of my two units).
    To my surprise, instead of receiving my units upgraded, I received TWO brand new detectors including all the mounting gear as well for the same upgrade price. I don't think you can beat that for customer service. Valentine One has me for life.


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      I thought radar detectors were illegal in Canada, ah, oooops. I won't say a word.
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