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Studebaker International Will Be At York

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  • Studebaker International Will Be At York

    Studebaker International will have a large selection of original and repro parts at York. However, if there is something special you’re looking for, call us now so we can have it there for you.You’ll not only save on shipping charges but will also stand a much better chance of leaving York with the part(s) that you need. At the meet we will not have our discounted rubber kits, engine kits, suspension kits, brake kits, etc., unless they have been ordered in advance. I look forward to seeing you there!
    Ed Reynolds
    Studebaker International
    317 462-3124

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    That's Good news See You There , Ed


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      I was surprised there was deliberation.... If anything, SI, Steve A, & several other displays really "loosen" up a CASO's wallet, er... money belt.... or the left sock...
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